Women’s circle: yoga & qigong for female health

These classes are for all women of all ages who are interested in boosting their general health and fertility through nurturing and empowering Yoga and Qigong.

The focus of the small, friendly sessions is two-fold:

  • cultivating overall female-wellbeing, boosting vitality and creativity, empowering women to live their own true life
  • healing specific issues that are brought along. The sessions are, for instance, of great benefit to anyone trying to conceive or struggling with fertility difficulties, as well as to women suffering from other menstrual, gynaecological and sexual issues, and to those navigating menopause or adapting to post-menopausal life.

The specialised, gentle Yoga and Qigong practices, along with relaxing meditations and visualisations, encourage us, as women, to slow down and to tune out for a moment from our fast, active, linear lives and into the calmer, cyclical rhythms of our female bodies.

They also invite us to cultivate a loving, open and accepting relationship with our bodies and, through them, to reconnect with and nourish our own essential truth.

The health-giving, stress-reducing benefits of taking this time come home to ourselves are felt on all levels. But the specialised practices also have specific physical benefits, by, for instance, restoring hormonal balance, encouraging optimum blood and energy flow to the pelvic area and vital organs, and promoting a sense of toned-yet-elastic support from the inside out.

No previous experience of either Yoga or Qigong is needed, nor do you need to be fit or flexible. The sessions are very gentle, so all you need to bring along is a healthy curiosity in your own body.

Class Booking Info
“I approached Tiffany because of her experience in treating fertility with yoga and reflexology. One thing I liked about her was how calming and empathetic her approach was towards me. I found the whole experience of fertility yoga and reflexology a relaxing and exhilarating time. I truly believe Tiffany helped me to get my body in a balanced state, which then helped me to fall pregnant with my baby girl after 7 years of trying. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone needing fertility help, or indeed help for any other issues or just generally wanting to relax.”Alyson D

Women’s Circle: Yoga & Qigong for Female Health


6.15 – 7.45pm



    07570 985 988


Course Cost:

£72 for 6 classes (classes are taught in 6 week blocks)
Classes are ongoing; you can join any time subject to availability. After first registration additional classes can be booked with your teacher. Please contact Tiffany to confirm if there is space before booking or joining the class.


St Mark’s Community Centre (Small Hall), Barton Road, CB3 9JZ