The magical journey with birthlight

From the very beginning of life when a baby is created a magical journey begins. The nurturing of both parent and baby during pregnancy, birth and beyond is essential for happy and healthy development. A holistic approach to birth and parenting, integrating mind, body and emotions will promote a deeper understanding of oneself and our relationship with others.

Joyful babies was created by Sally Lomas to offer birthlight classes in Cambridge providing exceptional quality of teaching in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Birthlight is an organisation with an excellent reputation for training new teachers in all aspects of pregnancy, birth preparation and baby classes. Sally is also birthlight Director of training and tutors Internationally. Combining her wealth of experience and knowledge with her love of babies Sally has become well known for her nurturing and fun local classes. Several other teachers have now joined Joyful babies and all our classes are taught by birthlight trained teachers. We have a wonderful team ready to welcome you and your baby.

Antenatal pregnancy yoga classes create a safe environment in which women can explore their feelings and to adapt to the changes in their bodies. Yoga can provide a constant thread of stability. Women are empowered to feel confident in their ability to give birth. Yoga postures and movements will provide more space for the baby and alleviate many pregnancy discomforts.

Aqua yoga for pregnancy gives women the opportunity to enjoy freedom of movement supported and protected in the water environment. Flexibility and mobility are increased and women are able to feel more comfortable in their bodies. Yoga stretches in the water promote overall health for mother and baby.

Postnatal parent and baby classes from newborn to toddler create a warm and friendly atmosphere, promoting enjoyment and confidence in the handling of babies and in ways of relating to our children. The shared experience for both parent and baby encourages early bonding and creates a secure and happy foundation of well-being.

Baby yoga provides the stimulation of touch, movement and rhythm, as well as the benefits of deep relaxation. The series of sequences encourage flexibility and bring balance and harmony to the body systems. Each movement supports the baby’s individual development and can help to settle babies and to improve sleep patterns.

The continuity of nurture and support provided by birthlight classes has helped many families through the joys and challenges of these early years. Spirals of joy are created and expressions of love and caring will touch an ever-widening circle of family and friends.