“I want to thank you (Julia) so much for the help you gave in those last few weeks and for labour itself. The classes helped me from going mad in those overdue weeks, and your gentle advice was crucial in enabling me to get through every contraction, breathe through and let each one go. I truly did not know my body could do that but I didn’t need any drugs apart from gas and air from stitches. I wanted to give the baby the most natural journey into the world, and give us the best chance of bonding and feeding. It is still incredible to me that this was possible. So I want you to know I appreciate it more than I can say.”Kate
“The baby yoga classes were the highlight of my week, I felt relaxed and nurtured. I made new friends and we still all meet up a year later. I am sure my baby Matthew benefited form the yoga, I look back on that special time together and treasure the memories.”Jeanette
“Sally is a truly inspirational antenatal yoga teacher who has made an enormous difference to my pregnancy. Her approach is incredibly holistic, preparing the mother not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Her classes include yoga moves, breathing techniques to help with labour, good birth positions, time for meeting other mothers and much much more. She teaches with humour and from the heart. It is obvious that she uses her own experience and that of teaching pregnant women over the years to enrich each class. Many of us speak of coming out of class feeling so much more energised, however difficult our day or week has been. I would describe my class as a sacrosanct two hours in the week when I can escape work/ home/ family for two hours and really connect with my bump. The very high return rate to Sally’s classes is a further testament to her skills. I hope that she can be recognised for her amazing work as she not only teaches her class but trains others as well.”Class parent
“I would thoroughly recommend Birthlight classes to any mum-to-be. Whilst pregnant I attended the pregnancy yoga and also the ‘birth preparation’ classes, both were really worthwhile and I am convinced the relaxation and breathing techniques helped me have a very straight forward delivery and the yoga was so wonderfully relaxing! The baby yoga classes were such a great way to meet other mums and to share similar experiences and through which I met some of my closest ‘mum’ friends and Sally creates such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The baby swimming is fantastic too and really builds confidence in the water in a fun relaxed way. I have been to loads of baby/ toddler groups and the Birthlight groups are really special and by far my favourite. Many thanks.”Cath
“I used all of my yogic knowledge and sensitivity and did not realise until today just what I was taught at Birthlight by yourself (Melanie) and Sally. I think BY is one of the most precious gifts in the world! To change a mother’s experience, the scope is just WOW, but to be a small seed within that journey … I sleep peacefully and thank you for your passed down knowledge.”Class parent
“The Birthlight Ante Natal classes helped us by providing factual information and advice in a structured but informal environment. We were supported to reach properly informed decisions about our preferences for birth. This undoubtedly helped us feel ready for the birth, and as a result of being relaxed and at ease, we are convinced that this helped us in the delivery as well.”S and R Stanley
“I wanted to thank you for the tremendous support you have been for our family. At antenatal yoga you gave me the confidence I needed to be sure I could manage a home birth. The baby yoga classes have been great for me and Lucy you made me much more confident about how to physically handle her as I am a natural worrier! You also gave me a repertoire of songs which really cheer her up and “twinkle twinkle little star” she does associate with sleep and chilling out. You also provide an environment where you can meet and make friends and I am sure that there are some people I will stay in touch with for a long time. I wanted to take the opportunity to say I think you do a fabulous job and myself, Richard and Lucy will always be grateful to you.”Anna
“I can thoroughly recommend Sally’s Baby Yoga classes to mums and dads and their baby. Sally creates a wonderfully warm, relaxed atmosphere conducive to relaxation, learning and pure fun. The sessions provides a wonderful opportunity to have true one-to-one time with your baby, strengthening your bond – allowing you to have pleasurable time together free of outside distractions. I have come away with some very happy memories, a repertoire of joyful songs and actions and a greater insight and bond with my child.”Helen
“Birthlight was an amazing opportunity for me to be in a room with first-time mums as nervous as me. Not only was the ante-natal yoga a chance to relax, but a discussion forum on everything imaginable, from current worries about pregnancy to questions and concerns about the actual birth. This, supplemented with aqua-natal, pure luxury time for mum and bump in the water, made my pregnancies comfortable and relaxing. I made many very close friends through Birthlight. Even after our babies were born, we carried on with baby and post-natal yoga and swimming. Now a mother of two, I am absolutely convinced the classes helped my children be calmer, happier babies. Thank you to Sally and all her colleagues for offering these invaluable classes.”Gesa
“Singing to and with your baby is one of life’s pleasures. The wonderful thing about this video is that it helps to give you ideas and the confidence to partake of this pleasure. It shows that between nappy changes and sick on the sofa you can find a moment of fun to share with your baby. “Singing babies” shows simple songs that accompany baby yoga. The songs are fun in themselves and also help to remind you of the yoga movements. The atmosphere of the film is not corny or manufactures, this is real mums and dads with real babies. There is no pretension about being fantastic singers, but the genuine tunefulness of parents expressing love and caring for their babies, in my view surpasses that of any professional musician or singer. The video shows babies of different ages and how they respond to the song and the yoga. It helps you as a parent to change your way of acting to be in tune with your baby’s developmental needs. Many of the songs I sing with my children not only at home, but in the car, supermarket or wherever. I use singing and yoga to calm them, entertain them or just to interact with them. My two year old still enjoys songs and yoga movements and I know that when my baby is grown we will still enjoy singing together. I hope you enjoy the video. Have fun with your singing baby.”Class parent
“I thoroughly enjoyed Tiffany’s yoga classes – and found them hugely beneficial during my pregnancy. She has a lovely, relaxing approach and teaching style and shows real care and attention; always making sure everyone is getting the most they can from the class.”Elaine J.
“I found Tiffany’s class after I miscarried with my first pregnancy. I was looking for something to help me relax and understand my body in greater depth. The classes were fantastic, they helped me to have an oasis in my busy week when I could concentrate on myself. The sessions are intimate and supportive and Tiffany tailored movements to address our individual needs. I continued to go in the early weeks of my second pregnancy and I was very sad to have to stop when I reached 14 weeks!.”Amelia G.
“‘I approached Tiffany because of her experience in treating fertility with yoga and reflexology. One thing I liked about her was how calming and empathetic her approach was towards me. I found the whole experience of fertility yoga and reflexology a relaxing and exhilarating time. I truly believe Tiffany helped me to get my body in a balanced state, which then helped me to fall pregnant with my baby girl after 7 years of trying. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone needing fertility help, or indeed help for any other issues or just generally wanting to relax.”Alyson D.
“Tiffany’s classes are all amazing. I have tried both the hard ones and the very gentle restorative pre-conception sessions, which I absolutely love. I leave them totally relaxed and in a better relationship with my body. Tiffany’s words during the class are a masterpiece of pre-conception hypnosis. I highly recommend these pre-conception yoga sessions.”Ana T.
“I attended Tiffany’s Fertility Yoga class while I was starting IVF treatment & then through to when I finished. The relaxation techniques she demonstrated in class were fundamental to being able to switch off & create a calm space at home …Her extra guidance went above & beyond what she needed to do & showed that she is dedicated at what she does & assists in each way she can to help you succeed on your fertility journey. I write this now as I approach my 15th week of pregnancy & can genuinely say that I am very glad I attended Tiffany’s classes when I did as it helped me stay calm & positive during an emotional & draining time of my life.”Debra P.