Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Joyful Babies

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FayeI was recommended birthlight prenatal yoga and started attending at 17 weeks, following a tough initial 4 months with hyperemesis. The plan was to get out of the house and do some gentle exercise having been housebound for so long; I continued with the classes right up until 36 weeks.

Each Tuesday it gave me something to look forward to, some ‘me time’. I met with a lovely group of mums to be and it helped me to switch off from the daily pressures of work. It also provided a forum to chat about the things no one ever mentions about pregnancy, in a safe and supportive environment. Sally was a great teacher, always very open, honest and approachable. We had a lovely chatty group which made me feel comfortable. Each session we’d start with how our week had been, followed by some gentle yoga and breathing exercises and ending with a much welcomed relaxation session.

To start with the classes were easy but enjoyable, having a big bump seemed so far away! As our bumps grew, the classes became more challenging and I could see how the yoga helped. However the classes provided much more than a good stretch, the positions really helped me out when I had backache throughout my pregnancy and the breathing techniques were invaluable throughout my long labour.

Along the way I met some amazing ladies, we chatted about things we were experiencing and there was always great advice on hand. Since finishing the classes and having our babies, I now meet up with several ‘mums’ who I met through yoga. It’s so lovely seeing our little ones grow up together and we now share our new challenges together post pregnancy!

Faye Pendall