Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Joyful Babies

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I was recommended birthlight prenatal yoga and started attending at 17 weeks, following a tough initial 4 months with hyperemesis. The plan was to get out of the house and do some gentle exercise having been housebound for so long; I continued with the classes right up until 36 weeks. Each Tuesday it gave me something to look forward to, … Read More

Skye and Bec, and Charity Dance ‘Give Baby Give’

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Two years ago, as the cosy winter nights drew in, I began my first Birthlight yoga classes – pregnancy yoga with Julia. I found a calm, gentle atmosphere to rest, breathe and connect with my baby for the first time. I enjoyed meeting other Mamas-to-be and I loved the yoga. I continued this gentle practice alongside some reading about birth … Read More

Joyful Babies Summer Picnic 2015

Joyful BabiesBaby Yoga

Our annual Joyful babies picnic was a roaring success with about 15 families coming along. The sun shone and we had a ball doing some baby and toddler yoga- lots of fun! It is always wonderful to catch up with families from past classes and to see firm friendships formed. Many thanks to Viktoriya from Friday baby class for being … Read More

Baby Sofia’s Birth Story

Joyful BabiesPerinatal Yoga

I had heard the rare story of a good birth, mostly by mothers dismissing their ability as being one of the ‘lucky ones’. I was much more used to the tales of difficult, painful births, such as those on One Born Every Minute, and so, expectedly proceeded to have that kind of birth with my first child. A wonderful friend … Read More

Eight ways that Birthlight yoga helps pregnancy and childbirth

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As my daughter Maya bubbles and fizzes with energy towards her first birthday, my mind recounts with awe her journey into the world.  I relive the profound sense of gratitude and wonder I felt for my partner, Eirene (a totally brilliant midwife), Joyful Babies and Francoise Freedman (founder of Birthlight), for helping Maya come to us with such grace and … Read More

My Birthlight Experiences

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Almost 10 years ago now, as I was happily expecting our first child, I remember excitedly asking my amazing community midwife if there were any active birth classes in our area. I had read about these in a baby magazine and understood it was a good thing to do to help the birth go smoothly. This was a much wanted … Read More

Why do we sing in Baby Yoga Classes? 

Joyful BabiesBaby Yoga

Did you know that singing to your baby is really beneficial to their development? Right from around 24 weeks pregnancy, babies are able to hear their mothers and other people around them. The noises they hear in utero can become familiar and therefore comforting. Choose a song to regularly sing to your unborn baby and they will find it comforting … Read More

Belly to Baby Show 17th May, Trumpington Meadows Primary School 10-4pm

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Have you heard about the fantastic Belly to Baby show that is happening in Cambridge? Joyful babies will be there along with lots of other interesting stalls, a cafe full of delcious homemade treats, a raffle with some pretty amazing prizes and free demos and talks from various baby and pregnancy groups.  There are also goodie bags for the first … Read More

Pre-conception and fertility yoga

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We all expect to conceive easily. But, all to often, that dream is shattered. Birthlight Fertility Yoga offers powerful support for all women trying to get pregnant (whether they are having difficulties or not), helping them to prepare well in body and in mind and thus giving them their best possible chance of an easy, healthy and problem-free conception – … Read More

Reflexology for Pregnancy, Birth and Wellbeing

Joyful BabiesReflexology

Do you enjoy a relaxing foot rub? There is evidence from 4000 BC that the ancient Chinese and Egyptians did! Books about hand and foot therapy were first published in the 16th Century when it was called “zone therapy’ detailing that touching points on the feet could effect body parts in the same longitudinal zone. An article entitled “to stop … Read More