Birthlight childbirth preparation course

Next course starts Sunday 15 April 2018
Teachers: Sally Lomas & Becky Talbot
Venue: Satyam Yoga Centre, Cambridge
Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm

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Our 6 session Childbirth Preparation course held in Cambridge is designed for women and their birth partners, an opportunity to focus on one of the most important events of your life. This course has a different active birth approach with the most up to date information. We cover the stages of labour, what to expect and practical ideas on how to support a woman in labour.

We provide education and support, time for questions and discussion, and the opportunity to make lifelong friendships in a very relaxed atmosphere. Birthlight classes are fun and interactive, the fundamental aspects of labour and birth are explored in a new and exciting way. Breathing techniques are included as well as practical ideas for birth partners on how to support and communicate during labour, birth and the early days. Our last session will give you confidence in how to hold and interact with your newborn baby with an introduction to mini baby massage and yoga. We will provide all the tools you need to prepare for a calm, confident and positive birth experience.

This course is run by Sally Lomas, director of training at Birthlight and senior international tutor, with over 20 years teaching experience, and Becky Talbot an active local doula and birthlight teacher.

Inhale Confidence – Exhale Doubt

What the childbirth preparation course covers

  • How we can influence and change the birth experience
  • Hormones and the primal brain
  • The signs and stages of labour
  • The perception of pain and pain relief options
  • Dealing with complications that may arise, knowing your options
  • The advantages of upright positions
  • Massage and positions for birth
  • The physical and emotional environment
  • Life after birth, what to expect in the first few weeks
  • Celebration of birth!
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“The course exceeded our expectations! We both feel very well equipped to go into birth in a positive way and feel excited about getting things started and going through the experience as a couple. We found the sessions inspirational and an opportunity to explore our emotions around becoming parents.

Becky and Sally were fantastic, encouraging, fun and full of useful information. We felt very fortunate to have received some of their wisdoms! We look forward to seeing you both once the babies are in town.”Becky & Adam

“I would thoroughly recommend Birthlight classes to any mum-to-be. Whilst pregnant I attended the pregnancy yoga and also the ‘birth preparation’ classes, both were really worthwhile and I am convinced the relaxation and breathing techniques helped me have a very straight forward delivery and the yoga was so wonderfully relaxing! The baby yoga classes were such a great way to meet other mums and to share similar experiences and through which I met some of my closest ‘mum’ friends and Sally creates such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.”Cath
“Dear Becky, You were our rock, our confident, our perfect doula. Thank you, thank you, thank you, .”

We welcomed our beautiful daughter Martha Betty into the world on Tuesday 28th at 1.15pm at the Rosie birth centre. Ended up being a v quick birth – started at 5.00am with cramps; we went for a walk, baked, weeded the garden and I really didn’t think I was in labour! By 11.30am things suddenly picked up – I had my show in the shower and wasn’t able to speak through contractions but managing well with Adam with breathing and being upright so still thought I’d be at home for ages. Adam recognised the progressing signs and called the Rosie. His timing was spot on as in the taxi (12.15pm) I had rapid contractions, my waters exploded on arriving into the birth room, they tried to fill the birth pool whilst I was on my knees by the bed. Suddenly needed to push around 12.45pm and she was born 30 mins later! Didn’t make the pool but was on my knees with Adam right next to me. We spent the night at the Rosie and came home yesterday afternoon. Breastfeeding is getting easier and Matty is sleeping and feeding well.

We can’t thank you enough for equipping us with the tools needed to go through this amazing experience. So good in fact we didn’t really recognise each stage until the end! The knowledge and acceptance you taught us enabled this experience and we will be forever grateful. But next time a home birth!!”

Becky, Adam and Matty x
“Sally is a truly inspirational antenatal yoga teacher who has made an enormous difference to my pregnancy. Her approach is incredibly holistic, preparing the mother not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Her classes include yoga moves, breathing techniques to help with labour, good birth positions, time for meeting other mothers and much much more. She teaches with humour and from the heart. It is obvious that she uses her own experience and that of teaching pregnant women over the years to enrich each class. Many of us speak of coming out of class feeling so much more energised, however difficult our day or week has been. I would describe my class as a sacrosanct two hours in the week when I can escape work/ home/ family for two hours and really connect with my bump. The very high return rate to Sally’s classes is a further testament to her skills. I hope that she can be recognised for her amazing work as she not only teaches her class but trains others as well.”Pregnancy class attendee

Birthlight childbirth preparation course


6.30 – 8.30pm


07712 898298 or 07852 347001


Course Cost:

The cost of the course is £120 for the mother-to-be, and an additional £60 for the accompanying supportive birth partner.
It is possible to attend alone if you wish but the value of having an informed and supportive birth partner is highly recommended.


Course Block Dates:

January 21, 28          February 4, 11 , 18 & 25     FULL
April 15, 22, 29         May 6, 13 & 20



Satyam Yoga Centre, 2-4 Hawthorn Way, Cambridge, CB4 1AX