Birth doula

Julia East offers birth and postnatal support as a doula. This involves providing emotional and practical support to women and their families during pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks of parenthood.

Offering birth and postnatal support to birthing families as a lay companion, providing emotional and practical assistance, is what being a ‘doula’ is all about. As a former midwife I enjoy this role immensely as I have more time to listen to women and support them in whichever way they wish. Nurturing the mother enables her in turn to nurture her new baby and family. I usually work with mums who have attended my pregnancy class and are looking for some additional support around the birth, and/or after their baby is born. We are lucky in Cambridge to have Cambridgeshire Doulas – a network of experienced local doulas. If you are considering having a doula, also see the Doula UK website where you can find more information.

For more information or an informal chat, please contact   Julia East,   07816 610 742