Baby massage and yoga workshop for Dads and Partners

Recommended for babies 10 weeks – 6 months.

This is a hands on workshop covering the basics of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. The workshop will cover moves to aid digestion and sleep, tips for comforting a grumpy baby and give you ideas to take away for playing with your little one. You will also be given a bottle of oil and handouts to take home.

There is a café next door that mums are welcome to relax in during the course, and if little ones need feeding, they can pop in to do so during the workshop.

There are limited places so book now to avoid disappointment.

“As they learn to soothe their babies, fathers notice their own stress levels are lessened. Together, they experience the calming power of touch, and begin to build life-long attachments,” (Tiffany Field, PhD, Director of Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and co-author of a survey on father-infant massage)

An Australian study of infant massage and father-baby bonding, found that at 12 weeks old, babies who were massaged (by their fathers) greeted their fathers with more eye contact, smiling, vocalising and touch than those in the control group, and the fathers experienced improved self-esteem as a parent due to the increased involvement.

“When my partner told me my Father’s day present would be a baby massage I didn’t want to attend. I felt it was a mother thing to do and I was shy. As soon as I went to the session I changed my mind. Bryony was great in creating a good, relaxing atmosphere. It was a special moment for my baby and myself to spend together. I remember thanking my partner at the end of the session, as soon as she came into the room. It is truly a nurturing massage, not only for the baby but for the dads too.”Workshop attendee 2017
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“Went away with some really usable skills and feeling really close to my baby.”Workshop attendee 2017
“It’s lovely opportunity to spend some time with my little one doing something we can both enjoy, in a relaxed and easy environment, and it really helped me to tune into baby-space a bit better.”Workshop attendee 2017
“Most useful thing I learned was the general three massage techniques – something I’m looking forward to using more regularly with Florence…I think this gives me some additional tools and skills that I can bond with my daughter.”Neil - workshop attendee 2015

Baby Massage and Yoga workshop for Dads and Partners

Sunday  6 May
Sunday  30 Sept

10.00 – 12.30pm


   07988 758 544


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Satyam Yoga Centre, 2-4 Hawthorn Way, Cambridge CB4 1AX