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Joyful babies provides pregnancy yoga, Birthlight childbirth preparation course, active birth workshop, postnatal yoga, nurturing baby massage, mother and baby yoga and toddler yoga classes in Cambridge. You will find a friendly haven in which to enhance your experience of pregnancy and life with a new baby.

From the beginning of life when a baby is created a magical journey begins. The nurturing of both parent and baby during pregnancy, birth and beyond is essential for happy and healthy development. An holistic approach to birth and parenting integrating mind, body and emotions will promote a deeper understanding of oneself and our relationship with others. We aim to offer continuity and support throughout your time with us.

“I would thoroughly recommend Birthlight classes to any mum-to-be. Whilst pregnant I attended the pregnancy yoga and also the ‘birth preparation’ classes, both were really worthwhile and I am convinced the relaxation and breathing techniques helped me have a very straight forward delivery and the yoga was so wonderfully relaxing! The baby yoga classes were such a great way to meet other mums and to share similar experiences and through which I met some of my closest ‘mum’ friends and Sally creates such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The baby swimming is fantastic too and really builds confidence in the water in a fun relaxed way. I have been to loads of baby/ toddler groups and the Birthlight groups are really special and by far my favourite. Many thanks.”Cath

Joyful Babies

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It might not make sense to you, but it makes sense to them.
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Jessie Lockwood

1 week ago

Joyful Babies - birthlight yoga classes in Cambridge


Whenever I suggest offering hugs to toddlers in tantrums, concerned parents worry that they would be rewarding bad behavior.

Tantrums are not behavior.

Tantrums are emotions out of control.

We can help them prevent crashing emotionally until they develop their own brakes.

Help them. Don't let them crash to "teach a lesson".

p.s. If a child doesn't like to be hugged, use other ways to help them calm down. They need help, not punishment. BUT NO FORCED HUGGING unless they are hurting others or themselves. You can acknowledge their emotions, name those feelings and then stay with them to show support until they calm down.
You can also try offering to hold hands or rub shoulders. Physical touches trigger the release of calming hormone in the body.

More on helping toddlers in tantrums
>> www.parentingforbrain.com/deal-toddler-temper-tantrums/
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1 week ago

Joyful Babies - birthlight yoga classes in Cambridge

Hugs are the best!

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The girls love hugging each other 🤗
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Joyful babies was created by Sally Lomas to offer Birthlight classes in Cambridge, providing exceptional quality of teaching in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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“I’ve absolutely LOVED our Monday baby yoga classes with you and I’m truly sad they’ve come to an end. They’ve been a joy, you’re a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring, calm teacher and I’ve really enjoyed how you’ve taught each class. Your yoga classes have been such a welcome moment of calm in an always hectic week – so thank you so much.”Baby yoga mum
‘I loved the chance to tune into my pregnant body and really pay attention to what it needed. The classes helped me tune in more deeply to my growing baby and changes within my body. I learned that self care is essential in pregnancy. The classes helped me realise that there is time to practice more self care and simple yoga exercises at home.’ The classes helped me realise that my body is capable and strong. I would savour the time each week to have time for myself and my baby. It felt really useful to be able to learn exercises to strengthen my body and relax. All good preparation for birth and Motherhood!”Jo

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Baby Sofia’s Birth Story

A wonderful friend I made told me how much she absolutely loved giving birth! That it was an empowering and beautiful experience! She sparked a seed of curiosity in me, albeit sceptical, it now existed.
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A friendly haven to treasure and enhance your experience of pregnancy and life with a baby or toddler.

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